I have a personal experience with a well-known “pet resort” that caused me to never leave my pets anywhere but my home when I go out of town.  I asked to walk my new puppy, Gypsey, back to the back so I could tell her good-bye and see where she would be living for a week.  I guess I'm an over-protective mother, but am I ever glad about that!  They tried to put her into a cage that still had the previous dog’s belongings in it - dirty blankets, food bowl, water bowl, toys.  But worst of all, the previous dog’s urine was still there, too – dried to the bottom of the cage!  The kennel tech told me that it was ok.  She said she would clean it up after I put my dog in.  I told her she was insane and waited for her to sanitize it.  She raced around doing other things and left me standing there for 5 minutes.  It was so loud from all the doggies barking at the same time.  With tears in my eyes, I scooped my puppy up and we headed to the car.  I wrote to the owner and never heard one word back.  I wondered just how often this happens.  Gypsey would have been completely traumatized by the time I came back for her.